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Annual Spring Show 2013

This was a Show to remember for its amazing colour and record entries. Visitors arrived from as far away as Australia with Exhibitors from England and all parts of Ireland. The top prize was taken by Frankie Charlton from Cleadon, South Tyneside winning 'Best Bloom in Show' with 'Seargeant's Caye'.

The prizes were presented by Hilary Watson of Ringhaddy Daffodils in Killinchy, Co. Down. Hilary was the special guest to the Show and later attended the Annual Dinner with her husband Nial.

The results are printed below:

The 'Best Bloom in the Show' was won by Frankie Charlton with 'Seargeant's Caye'.

Open Daffodil Classes:

Omagh Daffodil Trophy: Brian Duncan

Dr Hugh Watson Memorial Trophy: Brian Duncan

American Daffodil Class: George Wilson

Collection Class: Brian Duncan

Open Miniature and Species Daffodil Class:

iniature Cup: Ronnie Campbell.   Best Exhibit: Maurice Kerr.

Amateur Senior Daffodil Classes:

Evelyn Bell Memorial Trophy : David Pinkerton.  Second: George Wilson

Edinburgh Silver Cup: Derek Turbitt.   Second: David Pinkerton.

Best Bloom: George Wilson.  Best Exhibit: George Wilson.

Intermediate Daffodil Classes:

Omagh District Council Cup: Terry Haley

Intermediate Cup: Dave Hardy.  Second: Terry Haley.

Best Bloom: Terry Haley.

Novice Daffodil Class:

Lillian Dukelow Memorial Trophy: Anne-Marie Montague. Second: Dorothy Gear.

Best Bloom: Dorothy Gear.

Open General Flower Class:

Glasgow Trophy: Anne- Marie Montague.  Best Exhibit: Anne-Marie Montague.

Novice General Flower Class:

Thomas Bell Memorial Cup: Dorothy Gear.  Best Exhibit: Shannon Louise Shannon

Open Floral Art Class:

Floral Art Rose Bowl: Georgina Colhoun. Highest Points:Mary Conway. Second Highest Points: Georgina .Colhoun.

Intermediate Floral Art Class:

Anne Herbert Memorial Trophy: Marian Condon. Highest Points: Shannon Louise Shannon.

Novice Floral Art Class:

Olive Parke Trophy: Clare Conway. Highest Points: Sarah Conway.

School Classes: Garden and Wild Flower Section:

Year Groups 3 and 4: Cooley Primary School, Sixmilecross, Year 4

Year 5 to 7: Cooley Primary School, Year 5. Best Exhibit: Cooley Primary School.

School Art Classes:

Year Group 3 and 4: First: Cara McClure. Second: Zara Gillis. Third: Beth Cousins.

Highly Commended: Sophie O'Brien, Robbie McClean.

Year Group 5 to 7: First: Chelsea Elliott, Second: Katie Ellen McGillen, Third: Anna Dixon. Highly Commended: Sophie Bradshaw, Cailin Haughy.

Best Exhibit in Combined Classes: Chelsea Elliott.